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Reconstruction of the Arsenal factory territory

Kyiv, 2018-2021

"Hello, we are a Ukrainian landscape company EVA PROJECT, engaged in the development and implementation of projects in the gardens of landscape architecture and urbanism. 


The territory of the Arsenal plant is the historical city of Kyiv, until recently it was in the west and required restoration from the middle of the 18th century there were military barracks, from the 19th century- to the workshop of the closed plant. The project will improve the transfer of the main system of roads

and passages, as well as a selection of modern types of coverage. Small architectural forms have been chosen from the modern minds

of the world's vastness with metal, concrete and wood, as if harmoniously united with the most important historical forgetfulness. At the complex of design solutions, our company will arrange a well-organized dendroplan and subdivision of growth, sticking to the minds of the mind.

The main objective of the reconstruction project is to breathe new life into the industrial space of the city center, attract potential users of commercial facilities, harmoniously adapting the new functions of the space to the historic environment. With Ukraine in the heart. Slava Ukraini."


EVA Landscape, Vita-Poshtova, Ukraine

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