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Iceland, land of fire and ice, has a vast, wild landscape with some of the most unique and incredible natural views in the world. At Myvatn lake we developed a new concept for temporary guesthouses for tourists, from where the breathtaking view into the landscape and the Northern Lights spectacle can be observed.



There is a 200m no-construction zone to Myvatn lake for permanent building constructions.  Therefore, they have no foundations, which makes them legally a temporary structure. Visitors can move their rented cabin and put it in nature where they want. This eliminates the 200m limitation and creates identification and participation. In addition, the landscape can be perceived from different perspectives.


The cabins are completely self-sufficient, so that they can be moved all-over-the country. The tilted roof guarantees on one hand a maximum view to the Northern light and on the other hand catches rainwater, which is stored in a big water tank in the installation wall in the small bathroom. Energy is provided by photovoltaics on the roof. The cabin is heated by a wood stove. This stove is also heating warm water and the small sauna, which can be separated with sliding doors into a very small unit. 



project: Northernlight on Wheels year: 2018, type: design program: guestrooms  area: 400m2, architecture: Opposite Office team: Benedikt Hartl location: Mývatn, Iceland

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