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The oceanic House


project: Ocean a(way)  year: 2018, typ: open  international competition, competition: Ocean - Sea Museum program: sea museum area: 20.000m2 architecture: Opposite Office, team: Benedikt Hartl place: Funchal, Portugal

Ocean (a)way

For some the plastic problem in the Ocean seems to be far away. But it is not! This Ocean Museum draws awareness to the change of mentality in sustainability, conservation, and elimination of ocean plastic by simultaneously being a plastic recycling plant. 

Ocean(a)way is a place of education where people can gain a better understanding of sea life, sea pollution, and climate change. This museum is built as a underwater circular pathway that is divided into five areas reflecting the five major oceans (Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Antarctic and Arctic) with numerous opportunities to learn about the world’s oceans. 

The museum is accompanied by a research centre with workshop rooms and a real recycling plant. The plant sieves plastic waste from ocean and produces recycled boats for the resort and souvenirs for the visitors. In combining form and function the off-shore museum in the Atlantic is exclusively accessible by our recycled boats. The „roof“ of the underwater museum sits at sea level and is an open pathway to the attached sea resort, with possibilities for swimming, sailing, and dining.