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The workshop entitled Speculative Scenarios of Affordable Housing on Rohan Island will include contributions by three selected creatives who will work with teams from Prague. The event will be held within the program of the exhibition Karlin ExChange. The exhibition compares the former industrial neighborhood of Prague before and after the devastating floods of 2002. It highlights the rapid urbanization by the private sector of this area as well as its gentrification.

The workshop will last several days and will focus on the area of Rohan Island, a rapidly devoloping part of Karlín district. In the first part of the workshop all three creatives will present their ideas and projects. At the beginning, we will focus on the topic of the post-1989 urban privatization. The main focus will be questioning housing strategies and policies in European cities in compare to Prague with Rohan Island as a case study. All selected projects deal critically with the issue of private/public, strategies of accessible housing in real-estate developer projects, and with the ideas of providing housing for a diverse range of its inhabitants.

As part of the event, we will publish a small book/zine with several texts and all projects developed at the workshop.

In relation to the private sector, what strategies and/or tactics does the city or its inhabitants have in order to reach affordable housing?

with Benedikt Hartl (Munich): architect, founder of Opposite Office, a studio that works on the boundaries of reality and fiction,

Wednesday and Friday, 3 and 5 June 2020

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