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Dnipro Center of Contemporary Art



Hi, I'm Mylana Sydorenko, I've just turned 20. I was born and raised in Dnipro, finished school there in 2019 and left to Prague, Czech Republic to study architecture. I've been living here for 3 years, regularly visiting my friends and family who stayed in Dnipro. I got my diploma a few weeks ago, June 2022 and I must tell it was the hardest examination period not only because of final defense but also because of the pressure, stress and fear from the war. I am lucky to live and feel comfortable in another country as well as being able to help my grandparents to escape Ukraine during the war. I haven't worked before and I'm looking for a job right now since I'm a fresh grad. Now I have a strong wish to have practice in a Ukrainian architectural studio as soon as I am able to come home. Also I'm finishing my Master study in Urbanism here in Prague so I'm able to be helpful after the end of the war, to rebuild our country."


Mylana Sydorenko

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