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Drama Theater Mariupol

Mariupol, destroyed 16.03.2022 

"Hello, I am Onianova Mariia Olegovna. I am 26 years old and I was born in the Kherson region, the city of Kherson.  I completed higher education specialty architecture of buildings and structures at Odessa Academy of Construction and Architecture.  Before the start of the war, I lived in Odessa, at the moment I am in the Czech Republic, the city of Bouzov.  I'm  worked in the construction company "Budova" in the department of landscape improvement and in the architectural studio "HaliulinArchitects" as an assistant to the chief architect. I am working as an assistant chef. 


The current events have brought heavy losses to the country both in the historical heritage of architecture and in the number of victims. The war brought horror, fear and devastation to the country.  My expectations in terms of architectural solutions are the hope that we will be able not only to restore, but also to raise the architecture of Ukraine to a high level, to renew and renew the architectural integrity of the environment.  In my work I represent the drama theater of the city of Mariupol, as a result of a missile attack the building was destroyed, part of the facade with columns of the Corinthian capital and the pediment, the field of which is decorated with sculptures of ancient Greek gods, has been preserved.


Onianova Mariia Olegovna

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