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project: refurbishment of a canteen for a technology venture year: 2020, type: study program: canteen, café, restaurant, kitchen area: 1400m2, architecture: Opposite Office + studio lot team: Benedikt Hartl, Veronika Kammerer, Thomas Haseneder, Victoria Tsygankova  location: Germany

We need more UFOS! Captain Future is the transformation of a lousy canteen of a technology venture. 

A printed circuit board (PCB) is a carrier for electronic components. It is used for mechanical fastening and electrical connection. Almost every electronic device contains one or more printed circuit boards.


The design takes the technological process and transforms it technology into architecture. The guest and dining area is modeled on a reduced circuit board and was designed like a circuit diagram. Components here are different table configurations, seating and the different themed pavilions. The guest area is clearly structured and divided into the areas of traffic / communication, "free flow" food distribution, free seats, table configuration and "spherical balconies". The spherical balconies create a space that functions differently at different times of the year. In summer it can be opened and used as a balcony and outdoor space. In winter it serves as a thermal buffer zone like a kind of winter garden. On special occasions it can be separated and rented for a group of approx. 10 people. While eating, you can enjoy the exposed and impressive location with a wonderful 360° view.

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