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project refurbishment of  two listed machinery halls  year 2012 type Projekt program: University area: 9.000m², architecture: Benedikt Hartl, location: Munich, Germany

The refurbishment of the heterogeneous building complex of a former heating plant, a machinery- and a hydraulic hall from 1912 within the inner city block of the TU Munich, focuses on the preservation of the halls.

Both halls are conserved. They are cut off the rectangular building block. And this is the principle of design: Old and new become according to figure-ground organization a new quality of design. Instead of adding annexe buildings, the halls are integrated in the new building like a treasure in a jewelry case. Old and new become one, although not toughing itself. The new building is put over the two listed halls. These halls constitute the prestigious, public part of the university building. They include a café and an event location with an auditorium. The spatial quality of the halls is addicted to their glass arched roof, which adds a mystical character to the industrial halls. This is why the new building includes two atriums with roof lights, which become the organization principle of the floorplans: Separate rooms at the façade, the interior forms an open “learnscape” around the atriums. With this innovative learning concept the TU Munich presents itself as a forward-looking university.

The construction of the new building is an interpretation of the arched roof construction of the existing halls. Thus old and new interact and form a connection. The new construction relegates to the old, without wanting to be like it. The abstract form of a beam becomes something own with  distinct spatial Qualities.

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